Water knot


The water knot, sometimes referred to as a ring bend, is used to join two pieces of webbing together.  Tying_waterknotGreat for making your own webbing slings or tying off wrapped webbing anchors.

1. Start with a neatly tied overhand.

2. Thread the 2nd end in reverse – make sure to take out any twists!

3. Nest the 2nd end along the path of the overhand.

4. Follow it thru until you’re able to pull the tail from the opposite end of the overhand.

5. Keep the knot loose and adjust as needed to for adequate tail length.

6. Snug up neatly and compact.  The water knot should have no less than 4 inches of tail remaining once tied and pulled snug.  If creating a sling step into it and weight the knot before use.  This will set the knot (leaving closer to 3 inches of tail).

Warning:  Apply weight and secure all water knots prior to use for life support (standing and bouncing on a freshly tied sling is a good way to do this).  Short tails have the potential to slip under tension and a loose water knot is dangerously susceptible to snagging so be sure to keep water knots clear of any edges or snag points – video here.

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