Improvised prusik minding pulley

Pulley_improvisedprusikminding-cyIt’s common practice to use a method of progress capture to hold a load.


Prusik minding pulleys are designed with extended side plates to prevent a prusik hitch from entering the sheave (wheel) of the pulley when capturing progress in a haul system.

You can also improvise a prusik minding pulley with a simple pulley and some hardware.  This configuration is best used for banner rigging and should be prepared in advance.


Start by finding the correct size nut and washer.  You’ll want the opening of your nut and washer to be slightly larger than the diameter of the rope.

Thread the rope through the nut, washer, and pulley before finishing with a friction hitch on the load end of the line.  Clip this back to the same carabiner on the pulley.

Warning:  Do not use a nut and washer to capture progress with a live load.  The threads in the nut and imperfections in the washer can damage a rope.