When to Retire Gear

This is one of those questions where it’s easy to get lost in all the answers.  Use these simple guidelines to keep you and your gear in check.

6 Guidelines for Retiring Gear

Retire gear when it(s):

  • History is unknown
  • Reliability is in question
  • Gone through a major fall or load
  • Fails to pass a PPE inspection by a competent person
  • No longer of use due to changes in standards, technique, compatibility, legislation, etc.
  • Over 10 years old and consists of plastic or textiles (i.e. harnesses, ropes, slings, helmet, etc.)

Manufacturers lay out guidelines specific to each piece of equipment they produce.  Make informed decisions by becoming familiar with those most relevant to the gear you use.

Warning: Clearly mark and repurpose or destroy all retired equipment to prevent further use as safety equipment.

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