There’s an app for that…

I’ve spent enough time sifting through climbing and rigging related apps to recognize that most are poor shortcuts to obstacles and not all that useful. Good apps support learning, instruction and/or the actualization of work while being easy to use. They supplement practical knowledge and experience rather than try to replace it. Here’s a short list of good apps suggested for radicals in the vertical world. Get creative and remember to lanyard your phone when working at height.

KNOTS 3D provides a multi-dimensional approach to knot tying with a catalog of over 120 knots.  Available on a free website catalog or for $2 on iOS and Android.

RIGRITE is an app that calculates vector forces common in rigging. Any unit can be selected and applied to multi-point anchors, redirects/directionals, tripods, highlines , slope lower/raise, tension and compression. Available for $3 on iOS and Android.

EASY ANGLE is a simple tool for measuring angles using photographs. Available on iOS for $1.

CMC RESCUE FIELD GUIDE compiles CMC’s Rope Rescue Field Guide and Confined Space Entry and Rescue Guide into a full-featured app that includes reference charts, diagrams, and how-to information. You can even customize it with your own notes, photos, and documents for reference in the field. Available for free on iOS and Android.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S EPHEMERIS (TPE) is a tool to help you plan outdoor photography in natural light. It’s a map-centric sun and moon calculator that lets you see how the light will fall on land or buildings (day or night) for any location on earth.  This makes it extremely useful for planning with consideration to photo ops, field work, and deployment. Available on a free desktop web app (browser-based) or on iOS and Android for $8.99.

5-0 RADIO POLICE SCANNER is a mobile scanner that allows you to tap into a large collection of live police, firefighter, aircraft, railroad, marine, emergency, and ham radio frequencies. Stay ahead of important news, events, emergency responders and happenings in your town/area.  Available for free on iOS.