Klemheist hitch

The klemheist hitch should be in every rope guerrillas toolbox.  It acts as a “soft” rope grab, gripping when under tension but able to slide when the load is released, and is a useful substitute to the prusik hitch that can be tied with webbing or accessory cord.  Lose a prusik loop but have a webbing sling?  The klemheist is your go to.  I also find it to be a faster and cleaner hitch to tie.


This is also the hitch to use for ascending thinner diameter poles.  Just don’t forget – the klemheist is one directional so best to stick with the prusik hitch if working on horizontal safety or restraint lines.


  • Fast to tie
  • Can be tied with webbing or accessory cord

Learn to tie the klemheist hitch here.